Tombstone Rashomon            Tom McLaury                Alex Cox

Good Cop, Mom Cop            Detective Maxwell      Christopher Scott

Revenge of Zoe                  Billy Shaw                     Campbell/Ketola

I Thought You’d Be Gone     Denny                           Ryan Clausen

JAY                                           Apparition                    Crown Chimp 

Game Day                         Rock God narrator       McClintock

Whippits                                  Bee Friendly Youth      NYU Film



Interrogation.                          Leather Jacket Man​       CBS/Cady



Mello Yello                              Principal/National          Coca Cola/Decon

Arizona Lottery                       Principal/Regional          Image Equity

PSECU                                     Principal/Regional          Lamphouse Films

Axon Stress Test                     Principal/Internet            Sands

Kwik Tag                                  Principal/Internet            Kipnis/TK Strategies



Huffington Post                       Married man

Urban Outfitters                     King for a Day

Boulder Weekly                      Cover shot

Blu Cigs                                   Spokesman

SHOW Entertainment            Guitar player/musician



Swamp is On!                         Dr. Dog/Pig Iron          Rothenberg, Pig Iron 

James Joyce is Dead             Princeton Atelier         Rothenberg/Toni Morrison,

& So is Paris                                                                  Pig Iron Theatre

Mission to Mercury                 Pig Iron Theatre          Rothenberg, Pig Iron 

Our Hollow Earth!!!                Pig Iron Theatre          Geoff Sobelle, Pig Iron  

children’s entertainment         Musical writer             TucsonPuppetWorks

Winterland                               Musical Director         Puppets Amongus

Crumpled                                 Co-Writer    



Upright Citizen's Brigade.     Improv 101/201                        Los Angeles, CA

Killian's Workshop.                 Commercial Workshop            Los Angeles, CA      Commercial Auditioning       Karen Maseng                          Scottsdale, AZ

On Camera Auditioning        Film Actors Workshop             Tony Eckstatt

Commercial Auditioning       Good Faith Casting                  Tempe, AZ

Stanislavsky Method              Bennett Theatre Lab               Tucson, AZ

Movement & Singing            Slava Theatre                           Philadelphia, PA

Traditional Mime                    Theatrical Mime                       Tucson, AZ

MeloDrama Workshop          Pig Iron Theatre                       Philadelphia, PA

Ukranian singing.                   Marianna Sadowska                Philadelphia, PA

Clown,Comedia                 Headlong Dance                    Philadelphia, PA

Comedy Improv                     Twig Wheeler                          Tucson, AZ



Communications               West Chester University              West Chester, PA

Photography                     University of the Arts                    Philadelphia, PA

Human Development      Prescott College                            Prescott, AZ

Somatic Experiencing      Somatic Experiencing Institute    Boulder, CO



Musician/Composer (lyrics/music)-(acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, harmonica, piano): 

past member of rock group “Dr. Dog.”

Yoga Instructor, Cooking, Baking, and Herbal Medicine/Sports (basketball, baseball, soccer, swimming, cycling, hiking, tennis, ping pong, billiards)Art (drawing, sculpture)Magic (some sleight of hand)

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